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When you have a family you love You need to Protect Your Future and Theirs

by making sure complicated legalities don’t prevent you from Getting What’s Yours.

Not your average Attorney. We know how difficult it can be to find an elder law attorney.

You want to find someone who:

  • Is affordable and fair
  • Is approachable and friendly
  • Is trustworthy, who won’t take advantage of you and your family
  • Is always keeping your best interest in mind

With so many attorneys out there, that’s not always easy to find. So we’re here to take the stress out of the process and save you the time, the energy, and the money you will spend on your search. Come in, meet our team, and review your needs and options. Then you can decide if Southern Elder Law is for you.

Unlike almost every other elder law attorney, Southern Elder Law is different.

We make house calls. We make visits to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, intensive care units, and even your home if necessary. We don’t just look at economic factors. We always find the most comfortable and satisfying solutions that take into account financial factors, as well as mental and physical factors of the client. We help our clients by providing counseling and guidance that goes beyond legal advice. We work with families on sensitive issues that require a unique sensitivity not found in other law offices.

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